1. How do I use a cream whipper?
a) Fill a cream whipper half full with heavy whipping cream.
b) Screw head back on cream whipper.
c) Place whipped cream charger into the charger holder
d) Screw the cream charger onto a cream whipper until the canister has pierced and the nitrous oxide is released.
e) Shake cream whipper a few times
f) Holding the cream whipper upside down, squeeze the handle to release whipped cream.

2. Can I purchase your items from your warehouse?
As an online business, we work hard to keep our prices low by cutting out the high costs associated with maintaining a retail store and facilities. Currently we don't offer pickup.
This is why we have the 30 day return policy, detailed product descriptions and pictures. If you receive an item that is significantly different to your order then please go to our "item not as described" policy.

3. Can I come and pick up the items?

Unfortunately we don't offer a direct pick up service.